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Arts Facilities Management Center, Taoyuan

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About us

Arts Facilities Management Center, Taoyuan was officially opened in January 1, 2011. Under the direction of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan City Government, the Center oversees the daily operations of the Taoyuan Arts Center and the Zhongli arts hall. Within the organization, Education Promotion Section, Performance Planning Section, Engineering Technical Section and General Affairs Section plan various exhibitions, organize performances applications, and host major events as well as oversee general business operations.

Taoyuan Arts Center

When culture meets fashion—a glittering art space

Taoyuan Arts Center Nestled in the heart of Taoyuan's Zhong zheng Arts District, the multi-purpose Taoyuan Arts Center shines like a beacon as an eco-friendly green building providing a wealth of performances and exhibitions to the public, as well hosting a variety of recreational leisure activities. Opened in 2010, the Center is fast becoming a venue noted for hosting arts programs of international caliber. The Center has received the "Best Facility for Non-Handicapping Environments Award" from the Ministry of the Interior in year 2011, and one of the outdoor art projects of the Center, “Fog Sculpture # 46696 – Talk to Fog”, has also won the Best Creative Performance Award at the Third Public Arts Awards 2012.

Taoyuan Arts Center Constructed of aluminum alloy, the principle building's sleek design spirals into the sky like dancing ribbons. Glass windows stacked in lattice-like layers glisten like jewels in the sunlight. At night, LED lights cast changing patterns of color on the surface, giving the building a chic elegance. Most importantly, the exciting bright red entry leads not just to the doors of an art space of originality and pleasant surprises, it also leads to a new era for Taoyuan City's multifaceted cultural creative industries and art scene.

Zhongli Arts Hall

Zhongli Arts Hall The Zhongli Arts Hall was officially opened in October 25, 1985, which coincided with the 40th anniversary of the end of Japanese rule of Taiwan. The Hall is located in the urban area of Zhongli District, nearby Zhongli District Library and Zhong Zheng Park in the southern Taoyuan area. With its professional facilities and convenient transportation, the Hall is part of a cultural education area that exudes a simple and quiet ambience.

Taoyuan Arts Cinema Ⅱ

Taoyuan Arts Cinema Ⅱ The Taoyuan Arts Cinema Ⅱ, a four-story building located in the urban city of Taoyuan and near the Chen Gong elementary school, was open officially on February 2, 2003. Originally, it was built as a senior activity center but transformed to a multi-functional culture space. People could experience a variety of cultural activities in its local story room, computer classrooms, training rooms or exhibition space.

A8 Art Center

A8 Art Center A8 Art Center, located in the Taoyuan Airport MRT A8 station building, 3F of the Global Mall, is governed by the Taoyuan Art Facilities Management Center. A8 Art Center is a new art and cultural spot in the Guishan District, and it has around 330 square meter of space. It continuously holds various events, e.g. exhibitions, cultural and creative activities, workshops and lectures. A8 Art Center not only encourages local residents to have an interest in the arts, but it also serves as a relaxing and aesthetic space for the busy city.